Most beautiful toilet ever

Designing a toilet in somewhere else in the world is not the same as designing it in a place like this one, inserted in one of the most beautiful and intriguing landscapes in the world. In such an environment, we did not even consider the possibility of designing a toilet as a merely functional service, but rather as a vital experience. We propose an absolutely iconic object which those who visit it will remember forever. A different and unique experience in life. The most beautiful toilet in the world. 

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Beguinage Hasselt

Located in Hasselt’s city centre, the beguinage surrounds a church that was once the tallest structure in the city. Having being bombed in the Second World War, the church now lies as a ruin and the surrounding gardens have become leftover spaces, resulting in the overall complex being a shadow of its former self.

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Herriko Plaza

La globalización impone también en el urbanismo una pérdida de los valores contextuales y sociales que se trasladan a sus planes y edificios.De esta manera, los espacios se desprenden de sus cualidades referenciales, tradiciones, paisajes o memoria para adoptar una estética global dominada por la tecnología y la imágen. Ante esta coyuntura resulta urgente que la arquitectura recupere los espacios tradicionales actualizando sus usos y generando lugares simbólicos que facilitan la identificación de los habitantes con su contexto.

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House with a curved wall

The derelict construction was found on an unremarkable neighbourhood, hiding a deep and generous garden; the proud pitched roof distinguished the otherwise trivial architecture. After reseting the construction to a bare structural existence, the inner space was solved with the precise placement of a gently curved wall as a separation between the public and private […]

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Architectural (dis)Order

Studio Apartment – Vilamoura Inside a white box, three differently configured yellow objects are individually placed. As an immediate consequence, one´s physical experience of the previously empty space has been dramatically altered. The perception of one´s movement, of the box´s limits and of the position of the yellow objects is now inevitably intertwined. Their significance, […]

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House in Rua do Paraíso

A bourgeois 19th century single family house was to be divided into a series of identical studio apartments: four living spaces, some circulation areas and a private backyard. The project happens within a given system of constraints, aiming at an unexpected complexity, finding a certain interest within a very banal set of programs. Unorthodox everyday […]

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Serralves Pavilion

On the occasion of the 32nd São Paulo Biennial, a temporary art gallery was to be installed in a slopped garden at the Serralves’ Foundation. The brief was vague and open to speculation. A folly, as the word itself suggests, is an extravagant, frivolous or unreal building, thought more for an artistic expression than for […]

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Co-living in Ciutadella, Barcelona

Housing as we undersand it is constantly changing and evolving. The rise in the rental prices  and the fact that more and more people are living on their own, make coliving a great life style. 

We start from an infinite reticular system of pillars every 7 meters, which create patios of different magnitudes (14×7 and 7×7 meters) alternated to generate different interior spaces , looking for south east orientation for each living unit.

Around the patio is organized the coliving, mixing individual or double “boxes” that is where people live and common spaces such as studying rooms or other leisure functions.

The building is only two stories high in order to make the light arrive to every floor. 

The houses are organized understood as furniture. Starting from an opaque wood box,it is divided into spaces for public and private use (kitchen, bed, toilet), where different parts of the furniture are removed and opened to take advantage of the space, always looking for a direct relationship with the exterior private terrace and the patio.
On the ground floor, keeping the idea of a box / piece of furniture in a pillar grid, different large pieces are generated with the most important program (dining room, auditorium, multipurpose room, gym) rotated to give a sense of box and accompanying the walking paths that  come from the street outside. The intersections of the patios and the “boxes” on the ground floor allow a visual relationship between this and the 1st floor.

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