“a place for diversity”

The blog was created with the idea of become a place, where not only show the projects of local architects and the most well known international ones. But a blog where readers could find diversity.

We wanted to give the opportunity for anyone to publish their own work.

So, we invite you to submit your work!


What is DATA BASE?
We have decided to create an organized library of all the architects published at our website, you will find info about their profession

How do I save my favorites?
You can save youre favorite projects. You need to be logged to your account and you will see the option of favorites in each post.


How do I create my account?
You need to sign in or register.

I want to self-publish a project. How should I do?
Submission is very easy. You will find a guidelines during the process.

How do I delete my account?
Email us and we’ll do it for you.