C house

The project is based on the renovation of an old house in a central Madrid neighbourhood. The intervention restores the building’s spatial values, which emerged when the internal sub-divisions of the original home were demolished. Large open spaces were obtained, connected to each other and naturally lit, maintaining the clearance up to the original floor slab throughout.

Continuity of the various spaces is achieved by applying a monochromatic, uniform texture on the walls and ceilings and in the built-in joinery. To enhance the connection between the various rooms of the dwelling that adjoin the main façade, large format oak board floors are installed. In the rest of the house, meanwhile, the flooring is in the same textured finish as the walls and ceilings.

The meticulous design of the details in the joinery integrated into the architecture, the humid areas, the light fittings and the furniture enrich the intervention to give a pure, calm space.

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