Casa Duro-Babiano

The renovation of this house, located in a building from the 30s of the twentieth century, is divided into two basic strategies: the recovery of the original hexagonal hydraulic mosaic flooring, rich in geometric drawings and colors; and the arrangement of a two-bedroom house where light and economy of resources were the determinant factors for its development.

Therefore, the action is concentrated in two facing walls, built by 40mm thick MDF board frames filled with metal profiles and plasterboards. This solutions aims to emphasize the informal furniture condition of the partitions in order to achieve an original architectural intervention that introduces the partitions of the house within the composition of a simple and affordable construction.


Project: House – Integral renovation
Location: Madrid, Spain.
Client: Private
Budget: 40.000€
Size: 50m²
Procedure: Private commission
Architects: rubial·sanchez
Alberto Rubial Alonso
Sergio Sánchez Grande
Instagram: @rubial.sanchez
Construction company: GMT+ Arquitecture & Design
New hydraulic tiles: Pinar Miró
Window system: 76mm PVC system – Kömmerling

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