Casa Geltrú

Product of the conversion of a small multifamily block, the project of Geltrú House has been based on the conservation of most of its structure, enhancing the former key elements such as the ground floor vaulted brick ceiling and the main dwelling staircase.

The intervention on this old house revolves around 4 light entrances: an inner courtyard that is extended to different levels, a new skylight for the general stair, a small eye on the main facade and a skylight windows for the bath room.

The most important new light entrance has been the one derived from the demolition of the inner façade. A masonry wall more than 50 cm thick that has been replaced by a curtain wall made of wood and glass. With this action, the living and kitchen spaces have been merged with the patio, visually expanding the boundaries of the different areas involved and providing them with natural light.

The link between the living areas and the lightwell has also been made by means of a folded metal ladder that has been proposed as light and slim as possible, in order to allow a frank relationship between the interior and exterior.

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