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Casa Geltrú

Product of the conversion of a small multifamily block, the project of Geltrú House has been based on the conservation of most of its structure, enhancing the former key elements such as the ground floor vaulted brick ceiling and the main dwelling staircase. The intervention on this old house revolves around 4 light entrances: an […]

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Madan Puraskar Putuskalaya

Madan Puraskar Putakalaya, located in the historic precint of Patan or Lalitpur- the ancient city of crafts, in nepal, has been a beacon for archival endeavors in nepali literature. It is the largest public receptacle of literary and cultural treasures of conserved and contemporary masterpieces, it hosts the largest archives of nepali literature in the […]

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Siu Siu Lab of Primitives Senses

As human beings (ourselves) are detached from civilization to access a lifestyle of scanty materials, our inner animality generated from primitive natural habitat is emancipated. Inexplicably, we come to our instinctive senses. Siu Siu Laboratory of Primitive Senses is a workshop set to explore the environmental transition between urban space and natural forest. Materials of […]

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House in Avanca

The site The lot, where the house is inserted, has a non-regular shape, perpendicular to the street Dr. Egas Moniz, Avanca – Portugal. The solar orientation (from the street to the interior) is North – South. Concerning the topography, the lot has a slope of 85cm, from the entrance. Inserted in a consolidated urban area, […]

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  This house has a rustic stamp. Its scale refers to our roots, our childhood places. Its architecture is more countryside than modernist, closer to the earth than to the sky: it hugs the profile of the land. Its internal organization is organic, like our beautiful rural homes designed without an architect… The plan plots […]

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