Christine and juan carlos’ apartment

The project consist in a refurbishment of an apartment, adapting it to the needs of the new inhabitants, a couple with a child.

The structural configuration of the house defines two halves: a very regular one and a good orientation, in which the living room and bedrooms are located (street strip), and another very irregular part, with little natural light and very compartmentalized, in which the services are concentrated (inner strip).

The action is concentrated mainly in the service strip, and only punctually in the strip of bedrooms, with the aim of obtaining two large central spaces connected to each other that distribute to the rest of the spaces. thus, the apartment maintains the scheme of 2 stripes with different characters, but the way of living in it is deeply reinvented.

In the interior strip, all distribution of services (kitchen, bathroom, laundry) is demolished, generating a diaphanous space. the new organization is defined from the kitchen, bathroom and storage furniture, configured a fluid, complex and unique space. On the “street” side, some doors are modified and a partition is demolished to define a generous central hall, with the bedrooms on both sides.


address/ carrer bonaventura muñoz, barcelona
surface area/ 80 m2
client/ privat
construction/ 2016
architect/ vora (pere buil, toni riba)
project team/ charles dujardin  
contractor/ fórneas-guida s.l.
photographs/ adrià goula

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