Haus Birne

The starting point for the design of Haus Birne are three old high trunk pear trees and the client’s wish to have a relationship between the living space and the treetops.

A simple and cheap wooden construction with a spruce façade without a cellar or lift was chosen. A compact living room is extended with a terrace or balcony facing south and west. This front ornament made of simple roof battens is used for shading, visual protection, as fall protection and as a climbing aid for climbing plants. In the interior, favourable surfaces such as 3S slabs and visible screed are used. Views and insights are specifically selected and are influenced by the surrounding trees. The lightweight construction parks almost like a houseboat in a green harbour. A leap in level in the west invites you to linger and turns the name into a program, Haus Birne.


Architecture: ma-ma Werkraum für Baukunst; Martin Mackowitz
Foto: Hanno Mackowitz
Year of realization: 2017
Instagram: ma_ma_baukunst

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