marble and granite modular side-tables

Juanola(s) were designed for a specific project of our studio. Even though the side-tables were rejected by the promoter, we decided to build and publish them.

The concept arises from our own particular concern regarding domestic side-tables.

The tables are made out of different kinds of marbles and granites in different finnishes. Working with stone, allowed us to think about the tough massive look from one point and the surprising and unstable cantilever from the other.

The resulting shape of the design is beautiful and simple on its own.

This essentiality of the unit allows multiple compositions with other units on other colors or materials, resulting on geometric but unexpected shapes as you can see at the images attached.

Working not with massive stone, but slabs of marble and granite, also allowed us to make a unit with different kinds of marble or granite in each side. This specific one was made with marble slab wastes, wich reduced significantly the price of it; an interesting alternative to an expensive design.

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