Migrant garden

The intervention “Migrant Garden” begins in Plaza de San Bartolomé, Logroño, but we do not know where it ends. Our proposal is to use the 20 boards of Garnica to make a geometric garden in the center of the square. An atravesable and interactive garden that introduces the human scale into this urban space. Our wish is that during the days of the festival -Concentrico 04-, people intervene the garden itself, taking the pots of flowers to their home or other spaces in the city, thus making the intervention expand throughout Logroño and lasts beyond the end of the festival. We imagine groups of pots with the logo of Concentric 04 traveling all over the city, looking happily on a balcony, at a bus stop or decorating a portal three streets below.

And as the garden expands, the supports that hold the pots and shape the intervention are left bare. Finally, only this architecture will remain, now stripped of its function, almost like a sculptural artifact introduced in the middle of the square that reminds us that ephemeral architecture must not only be beautiful, but also intense, so intense that it can be consumed in the time that has been given. 253 supports for 253 pots -each one with its flower-. With variable heights from 60 cm to 160 cm and with an orthogonal system of slats whose function is none other than to brace the supports together, so that they form a stable and joint structure, the structure has been designed forming a smooth topography traversed through paths that generate an interior landscape with the square itself as a frame.

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