Notre Dame des Champs-Renovation of an artist studio

This project, an old artist studio and living space in the Montparnasse area had accumulated many layers of habitation over the years. Makeshift walls and mezzanines secluded each space from light and promised to divide the occupants into a binary mode of life: live-work.

After completely stripping the space the goal of the project was to redefine a ‘live work’ space for an artist couple. There is a binary aspect within the distinctions ‘live’ and ‘work’ that does not necessarily correspond to the reality of an artists daily life, where creation is never far from life’s numerous rituals and cannot simply be designated into one volume.

Consequently the project is redefined into 3 living spaces:

  1. a space for production, experimentation, exposition
  2. a space to be social, to receive and exchange
  3. an intimate space in which to withdraw, to repose, meditate

These three spaces are established in conjunction with the remarkable existing qualities of the structure, benefiting from three natural light sources and the majestic two storied volume. The original  wood posts of the structure appear regularly throughout, accentuated by large sliding translucent panels that define the spatial setting of each room from social to intimate environments. These panels also serve to filter the light, easily sliding to provide the desired balance.

Architecture accompanies artists, it adapts to their mode of life, and provides a service for their creation.


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