Ofenwerkstatt Müller

The object Ofenwerkstatt Müller is a workshop with five workplaces for the production of rammed earth furnaces (lehmo.at). The structure of the workshop should be perceived as a simple and monolithic volume. The building with a floor space of 228 square meter is built in a timber-framed construction. The building shell consists of fixed glazing and wood with a front facade of open masonry. This stands on a concrete base and at certain points has generous openings with defined views. On the flat roof of the workshop there is a solar plant with an area of 45 square meter and a 60 degree inclination. The new workshop is positioned on the property in such a way that it creates a kind of inner courtyard situation in relation to the existing building. A restrained building is to be created, which with the materials wood and the open masonry represents the sustainable and technical aspects of the Ovenworkshop.

Architects: Martin Mackowitz, Nikolaus Skorpik
web: www.ma-ma.io
Year of realization: 2015
Foto: Hanno Mackowitz

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