Pegode Day Center

Commissioned by Pegode, we took on the challenge of designing a day center for adults with disabilities. This organization stands for an inclusive society and offers tailor-made support for people with a disability.

The program within the Pegode Day Center mainly consists of a number of studio spaces and a multifunctional room, tailored to the needs of the users and with a great deal of flexibility. In addition to a candle, radio and clay workshop, the soup kitchen is an important part of the functions; the manufactured products are offered for sale.

The spaces have an almost self-evident sequence and hierarchy: served spaces for users and servant functions such as staff spaces and techniques.

Given the large number of wheelchair users,we decided to implement the program in a single storey with generous height and exceptional spatial quality. The construction is erected in green brick, the interior has a robust finish that encourages the input of the user.

Open space must be used sparingly; an intervention in the suburban context on an undeveloped plot must be justified. A community facility that is an extension of the existing facilities within the village center can be a relevant reason to move into this open space.

In addition to the requested functions, the design aims to provide an intelligent carrier that encourages the necessary interaction, without explicitly setting the limits of use. We see this as a form of social sustainability – in which the built heritage can adapt to the functions that it includes.

With its roof shape and fragmented volume, the appearance of the day center attempts to fit in with its surroundings. The immediate surroundings include industrial glasshouse horticulture – the roof slopes refer indirectly to this and thus make the transition to the scale of the surrounding residential buildings.


Architecture: enofstudio architectuur

Photography: Franziska Krieck

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