Spa Samedan

The new Bath in the historic center of Samedan is situated directly on the back of the baroque church. Despite this prominent placement it leaves the leading role on the village square to the church. At the same time it tries to show the significance of a public bath in the historic context of Samedan. The scale as well as the precisely chosen materials integrates the new building perfectly into the existing situation. At the same time the building maintains character and independence.

Several mazy Staircases lead from a central hall to the different attractions. The bathing rooms are stacked at different heights. The high and through skylights sunlit warm bath is situated on the first floor and also offers massages. On The second floor the steam bath encircles the lower baths patio. The jacuzzi and the hot bath as well as the relaxation room have room‐high windows that open to fascinating mountain views of the Engadin. The stairs lead us further to the top floor where the outdoor bath and the sun roof is reached.


Competition: 2005, 1st prize
Location: Dorfplatz, San Bastiaun 3, 7503 Samedan
Inception: 2008
Completion: 2009
Photographer: Ralph Feiner, Postplatz 14, 7208 Malans
Architect: Miller & Maranta
dipl. Architekten ETH BSA; SIA Schützenmattstrasse 31, 4051 Basel

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