Twin Twin

The city demand, more and more, non programmed spaces.  Places to satisfy needs of their inhabitants. Contingent spaces and affectives able to foster social and work relationships. A freelance photographer wants to participate in this open space making the most of it as an improvised photo studio, coworking, venue for different events, showroom, workshop… But that has the capacity to do these varied programs simultaneously.

A really tight budget determines the location at the city periphery. An affordable place, a lower ground floor with few natural daylight, located on an alleyway surrounded by social housing buildings made on the 60´s, degraded and low quality. 

We decided to establish a series of design principles: space optimization, shared facilities and work with the alleyway to turn it into an active frontage. The venue its splitted into two twin spaces thanks to a central element that provides services to both halves. This strategy allow us to maximize the available surface to be used with the rest of the uses. Heating, air conditioning, bathrooms, kitchens and storage space is shared by both sides. This space division allows simultaneously of different activities and conditions to take place in the same venue, meeting all the client aspirations and desires now and, potentially, in the future. The exiting limit created by the brick wall is turned into an intermediate space between interior and exterior. A green filter, a security layer, a container of possibilities are the tools to make the alleyway and the interior a more desirable space.


Authors: Pepe Susín; Estudio Gonzalo del Val

Client: Olga Vallejo Fotógrafo + La Parra Coworking

Photography: David Diez Studio

Constructor: Fast&Furious Office. Producción de Arquitectura

Prizes/ Exhibitions: FAD interiorism selection 2017; “Archipaper. Dibujos desde el plano” exhibition. Spanish architects exhibition and their work with drawing. Curator: Mario Suárez. Organiser: AECID.

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